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2012 UNESCO / Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme, Brazil
 Bursaries in Visual Arts, Creative writing (in Any Language) and Music Composition for Artist of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, the former Soviet Republics, Australia, New...
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Belgrade Summer School Programme Scholarship, 2012 Serbia
 Merit/Luck based Training / Internship Scholarships for the applicants of international and Serbian students in the field of Serbian Language, Culture and History, 2012 Serbia Study...
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2012 SAMLING-UTAR Scholarship in Science and Art, Malaysia
 SAMLING-UTAR Scholarship in the field of Accounting, Finance,Electrical, Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing for Malaysian Students for college education, Malaysia 2012 Study Subject(s):Accounting,...
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2012-2013 ABB JDF Scholarship at Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam
J├╝rgen Dormann Foundation (JDF) under ABB Group offers scholarship for Full time second-year students for Hanoi resident and Non Hanoi resident student at Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam...
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SBM MITD Scholarship Scheme at Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, Mauritius 2012
 State Bank of Mauritius offers Scholarship Scheme for Diploma Courses at Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, Mauritius 2012 Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the universityCourse Level:Diploma...
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